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  • Treat injuries and/or pain quickly
  • Repair or replace a damaged tooth or prosthetic restoration
  • Avoid further dental issues by treating your emergency quickly
  • Receive tips on how to treat a dental emergency until you see us
  • Improve your likelihood of a positive dental outcome!
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Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dental Care From Your Dentists in Worcester

According to the American Dental Association, someone visits a hospital emergency room for a dental issue approximately once every 15 seconds in the US. While you can’t predict when a dental emergency will arise, it’s vital that you have it cared for right away as neglecting to do so can significantly affect your oral – and overall – health.

At Common Park Dental in Worcester, we make it our priority to offer a wide variety of dental procedures and treatments and are happy to provide emergency dental care to our patients. If you are in pain or have experienced a dental injury, call us now!

Until you’re able to see us, here are some steps you can take when an emergency dental issue occurs.

Dental Emergency Service for Immediate Care in Worcester, MA

Are you seeking emergency dental care in Worcester, MA? Common Park Dental is your trusted emergency dentist that can help you when the unexpected occurs. Our emergency dental service offers immediate and compassionate treatments designed to promote the health of your smile. If you need a dentist in an instant, call our team today at (508) 762-1945.